Whats your favorite packaging?

I am constantly doing research. Whether it be on products to make , things I am already making, making this web site, or running my business. I recently splurged and bought soaps from four different makers. Most of which are really well known Soapers. I wanted to see what their web sites were like. I also wanted to see how they package their goods for shipping and what their product presentation was like. So far all but the last one ordered has shown. Where do I start? When each package arrived I took pictures of each detail. Two out of three were very pleasing. They were in a box, wrapped in cute papers, and had a free sample included. One of the sellers out of three included a business card and a bookmark. The other two did not. I bought four soaps from one seller. Each and every shrink wrap had holes in it. I was a bit disappointed about this. The rest of her packaging was so amazing.We are using one of her soaps first, so I can give opinion on use of only this one. I absolutely love the smell ! The sculpted item on top is cute. When I unwrapped it the bar was plain with a heart embed. I was really hoping for more detail. To me the cut of the soap is the most exciting part. That's when you get to see your real art! All the amazing secret designs it's been hiding a revealed! This seller's packaging was really nice though. Each soap was carefully wrapped, she had a card, bookmark , and a cute little free soap sample. Her shipping box also had her logo stamped on it.

The next maker's package was similar. No business cards though. Her soaps are very creative and I love her designs. The one I bought is harry potter inspired and it looks like him a lot. Love , love, love!

The third maker, who is my favorite to watch make soap , was my least fave packaging so far. Two white pieces of tissue paper and a bar of soap.

We will see about the last any day now. I have learned loads of things from buying these soaps. This experience has given me new goals , and soon you will see the results! ( If you place an order form me) ;)

What is your Ideal Packaging?

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